Fr Philip O'Dowd
1947 -2009

A resource of homilies, theological and
devotional reflections, studies and retreats.

"When we can speak in the spirit of the Scriptures, we shall be speaking words that seem to
come from God.  We should therefore enter into this study with love and real joy, expecting
to meet in it the God who saves us".
(Diaconate Scripture Studies Lecture 1998)

Fr Philip, who died in 2009 was a Roman Catholic priest for 35 years in the
Diocese of Nottingham. He spent many years as a parish priest and spent 14
years where he combined this ministry with working as the Catholic chaplain
to the University of Nottingham. This web site has been created to share his
writings and to offer them to all as a lasting memorial of his gifts. Fr Philip
possessed many gifts as a teacher, preacher and confidant which he shared
with his parishioners, family and friends. His greatest love was to proclaim the
gospel which he did with great eloquence and insight. His best known writing
was The Back of the Bulletin, a weekly commentary on the Sunday gospel,
but he also wrote on many other topics and these are also included. 

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