2004/5 Year A

28/11/04 1 Advent  Advent a new beginning
5/12/04 2 Advent   Be tolerant with each other
12/12/04 3 Advent  Everlasting joy
19/12/04 4 Advent  A Fiance's Story
25/12/04 Xmas   Welcome to the Prince of Peace
26/12/04 Holy Family  missing
02/01/2005 2nd xmas  The Divine moment
9/1/05 SOT1 Baptism  To the Nations
16/1/05 SOT2   missing
23/1/05 SOT3   Walking in darkness
30/1/05 SOT4   Blessed are you
6/2/05 SOT5   Give it all you've got
9/2/05 Ash wed   Why Lent What must we do The call to hope
13/2/05 1 Lent   Can you inherit Sin?
20/2/05 2 Lent   Leave your country
27/2/05 Lent 3   Thirst
6/3/05 Lent 4   O dark, dark amid the blaze of noon
13/3/05 Lent 5   Lazarus come forth
20/3/05 Palm   Sunday of the Passion
27/3/05 Easter   My power is greatest in your weakness
27/03/2005   One Hundred and Eighty degrees
3/4/05 2E   You a believer?
10/4/05 3E   Emmaus
17/4/05 4E   The voice of a stranger
24/4/05 5E   All I want is a room somewhere
1/5/05 6E   With you forever
8/5/05 7E   Glorify your son
15/5/05 Pentecost  Filled, fulfilled, fulness
22/5/05 Trinity   The numbers Game
29/5/05 SOT9   Following Gods you have not known
5/6/05 SOT10   A bit of a mess
12/6/05 SOT11   The Twelve apostles
12/6/05 SOT11   You have been called
19/6/05 SOT12   Am I being paranoid
26/6/05 SOT13   Welcoming prophets
3/7/05 SOT14   Rest, Peace, Joy
10/7/05 SOT15   The world is seed
17/7/05 SOT16   A flower in the wrong place
24/7/05 SOT17   An Acquired taste
31/7/05 SOT18   True bread or junk food
7/8/05 SOT19   Is this you
14/8/05 Assumption  The most high has exalted me
21/8/05 SOT21   The sacking of Shebna
21/8/05 SOT21   The Power of the Keys
28/8/05 SOT22   Thy will be done
4/9/05 SOT23   Love is all you need
11/9/05 SOT24   Anger a matter of life and death
18/9/05 SOT25   The thoughts of God
25/9/05 SOT26   Meaning what we say
2/10/05 SOT27   Break Down its wall
9/10/05 SOT28   A Wedding garment not today thank you
16/10/05 SOT29   A Smart answer
23/10/05 SOT30   Finding Justice
30/10/05 SOT31   A dangerous priesthood
6/11/05 SOT32   Girl Power
13/11/05 SOT33   How many gifts?
20/11/05 Xt king  I want justice