The Diaconate

Editor's Note : Although Fr Philip became the Head of Diaconate Formation he had since 1994 been its Scripture Lecturer. These lecture notes are precisely that; lecture notes and not essays. They are addressed to a group of students and this should be borne in mind when reading them, and if some of the comments may seem pointed they were made with a genuine desire to help the students come to a deeper and more insightful understanding of the topic being studied.

The Diaconate 1997 – 97

A Retreat


Listening to the Word 

Hearing the Word 

Proclaiming the Word 

Preaching the Word 

Practicing the Faith

The Diaconate 1998 – 2001

Lectures Old Testament   

The Truth of the Bible  

Genesis: The Sagas 

Studies in Genesis   

The Study of Genesis   

The Exodus 


The Significance of the Exodus 


New Testament 

Mark: The First of the Gospels 

Mark 2 

Mark 13 

Reading around Mark 13 

Readings in John 

Readings in John 

Paul: Gentiles and Galatians 

Pauline Corpus 


The Diaconate 

Some parallels for the Johannine Prologue 

Why does Jesus die? 

Ordained people in the Church 


Opening Talk 

Bringer of Good news 1 

Bringer of Good news 2 

Service 1 

Service 2 

Ministry 1 

Ministry 2 

Sharing 1 

Sharing 2 

Stewardship 1 

Stewardship 2 

The Diaconate 2003 – 06

Lectures  The 1st day of the rest of your life 

Old Testament

Sources for the Pentateuch 

What have we learned about the Pentateuch? 


The Prophets 

The Prophets 


The Old Testament in the New 

New Testament

The Gospel of Mark 

The Gospel of Mark 

The Gospel According to John 

Structure of Discourse on Bread 

The Book of Signs 

Paul: Gentiles and Galatians 

Outline of Galatians 


Advent: Understanding the Season 


Literary forms in the Gospel 

How did Jesus think of himself 

Synoptic Gospels 

Preparing to Preach 

The End of the Scripture Course 

The Diaconate 2007- 10

Lecture 1

Studying Scripture

Lecture 2

Words and Word 1 

Words and Word 2 

Words and Word 3 

Lecture 3

The Formation of the Gospels 1 

The Formation of the Gospels 2 

The Formation of the Gospels 3 

Lecture 4

The Presence of the OT in the Gospel Tradition 1   

The Presence of the OT in the Gospel Tradition 2 

The Presence of the OT in the Gospel Tradition 3 

Lecture 5

Four Sources of the Pentateuch 1 

Four Sources of the Pentateuch 2 

Lecture 6

The Bible’s Theme 

Lecture 7

The Historical Writings 

Lecture 8

Approaching the Prophets 1   

Approaching the Prophets 2 

Approaching the Prophets 3 

Lecture 9




Rationale for the Diaconate