2005/6 Year B

27/11/05 Adv1   Back to the beginning
4/12/05 Adv2   Consolation
11/12/05 Adv3   Believing the Prophets
18/12/05 Adv4   A secret revealed
25/12/05 Xmas    The coming of our God
1/1/06 Mother of God  When the 8th day came
6/1/06 Epiphany   Epiphany
8/1/06 2nd xmas tide  The word becomes flesh
15/1/06 SOT1   Here is Mark
22/1/06 SOT2   Winter fall
29/1/06 SOT3   Creative Change
5/2/06 SOT4   What the demons hear
12/2/06 SOT5   Closing te demons' mouths
19/2/06 SOT6   Real loneliness
26/2/06 SOT7   It has to be me
1/3/06 Ash wed   Ash Wednesday
5/3/06 L1   Lent is here
12/03/06 l 2   Abraham
19/3/06 L3   Purifying the temple
26/3/06 L4   Come out into the light
2/4/06 L5   Falling to the ground
9/4/06 Palm   The Great Gate
16/4/06 Easter   Christus Resurrexit alleluia
23/4/06 2E   I will believe
30/04/06 3E   All that is written
7/5/06 4E   Why the father loves Jesus
14/5/06 5E   Make your home
21/05/06 6E   Keep faith
28/5/06 7E   Consecration
4/6/06 Pentecost  Pentecostal Fire
11/6/06 Trinity   Trinity
18/6/06 SOT11   Are you growing
25/6/06 SOT12   What is a monk or a nun
25/6/06 SOT12   O I do like to be beside the seaside
2/07/06 SOT13   The storyteller
9/7/06 SOT14   How do you treat a prophet
16/7/06 SOT15   Naked trust
23/7/06 SOT16   What do people most need today?
30/7/06 SOT17   John chapter six
6/8/06 SOT18   He began to teach them
13/8/06 SOT19   There must be another way
20/8/06 SOT20   Drink
27/8/06 SOT21   Make your mind up time
3/9/06 SOT22   Welcome to faith
10/9/06 SOT23   Are you a racist auntie?
17/9/06 SOT24   Use it or lose it
24/9/06 SOT25   What does God want of me
1/10/06 SOT26   The destruction of faith
8/10/06 SOT27   Being divorced
15/10/06 SOT28   Strait is the gate
22/10/6 SOT29   Do what we ask
29/10/06 SOT30   Bartimaeus
5/11/06 SOT31   Only One
12/11/06 SOT32   I hold my life in my hands
19/11/06 SOT33   The presence of the end
26/11/06 SOT34   King of the truth