The Back of the Bulletin

Commencing in 1995 and concluding in 2008 (with a gap of five months between Oct 2003 and Feb 2004 due to moving parishes from Wollaton to Lincoln) Fr Philip wrote a weekly commentary on the Sunday Gospel. But that description hardly does them justice. Here they are; I hope you find the of interest

Bulletins 1994/95 Year C Bulletins 1995/96 Year A
Bulletins 1996/97 Year B Bulletins 1997/98 Year C
Bulletins 1998/99 Year A Bulletins 1999/00 Year B 
Bulletins 2000/01 Year C Bulletins 2001/02 Year A
Bulletins 2002/03 Year B Bulletins 2003/04 Year C
Bulletins 2004/05 Year A Bulletins 2005/06 Year B
Bulletins 2006/07 Year C Bulletins 2007/08 Year A